1st International

Rainbow Crossing Day

Since the beginning of the LGBT movement in the 1960s, many have been living a gay lifestyle in public or in private. In recent years, the rising tide of "gender revolution" has become a sensational global topic that attracts worldwide attention.


Yet another revolution is springing up from all across the globe. Groups of courageous men and women are stepping forward to champion for change and to give hope for the impossible. They are the Rainbow Crossers and their life stories challenges the myth that homosexuality can never be changed. It is in their heart to see traditional family values strengthened, restored and protected. 

Theme of this year:  “Dare to Change, Crossing the Rainbow”

Time and Location:

  • November, 9 2018 / 2:30 - 3:30 PM
    “Dare to Change Global Alliance” Press Conference @ The Mayor’s Residence Art Salon



  • November, 10 2018 / 2 - 5:30 PM 
    Rainbow Crossing Series Seminars @ Taipei International Convention Center


Topics: How do we develop a child's gender confidence? / What if a child identifies as a transgender or homosexual? / How do we embrace the LGBTQ community?


  • November, 10 2018 / 7-9 PM* 
    International Rainbow Crossing Evening Party @ Taipei International Convention Center


More than 40 "Rainbow Crossers" from over 14 regions come together onstage to bring to you a special performance that expresses the heart of the "Dare to Change, Crossing the Rainbow" movement.


  • November 11, 2018 / 2-8 PM*
    Celebrate International Rainbow Crossing Day @ Xinyi Vieshow


*Facebook live stream will be provided


Rainbow Crosser

Different international coalitions have set November 11 as the International Rainbow Crossing Day, bringing together for the first time a series of events for more than 40 "Rainbow Crossers from 14 countries and regions.


Announce to the world the beginning of the "Dare to change, Crossing the Rainbow" movement.


We invite you to participate in the grand event together. Let us make history!

Got questions? please email to contact@dtoc.us

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